Fly casting lessons in Derbyshire & the Peak District

The cast is an essential part of fly fishing, allowing you to present your fly accurately and effectively. Building the foundations of a solid cast early will enable you to progress quickly to becoming a competent and successful fly fisher.

You fly fishing casting lesson will be tailored to suit your experience and objectives. Common benefits of fly fishing casting lessons are:

  • Cast distances
  • Increase turnover and improve presentation
  • Learn new casts such as hauling, roll casting & slack line casts
  • Stop tangles & knots
  • Cover rising fish quickly
  • Catch more fish
  • Enjoy your time on the water more
  • Cast in tight spots and under trees

Peaks Fly Fishing are one of the leading fly fishing schools in the UK. We provide high quality fly fishing lessons that are exhilarating and fun underpinned with the technical learning required to help people learn the art of fly fishing.

Our game angling coaches, headed by David Johnson are all highly experienced, qualified & insured. We are committed to excellence and continued professional development and strive to deliver the most fun, engaging and educational fly fishing lessons in some of the most beautiful & exclusive locations in the UK.

We are a UK Limited Company with years of experience delivering game angling coaching, as well as the manufacture and retail of fishing tackle and flies.

You fly fishing lesson can take place at any of our locations in and around the Peak District:

Private River - Darley Dale, Derbyshire, DE4 2EQ

Nestling on the edge of the Peak District in Derbyshire, just a few miles downstream of the Chatsworth House, our private beat of river Derwent near Darley Dale is available for all our clients to learn the art of river fly fishing.

Wild Fly Fishing - The Upper Derwent Valley, Derbyshire, S33 0AX

Get away from it all learning the art of wild fishing in the truly spectacular surroundings of the Upper Derwent Valley on Howden & Derwent reservoirs (approx 600 acres). We have exclusive access to coach on these waters. With no roads, shops or sometimes even people nearby the silence can be deafening, only interrupted by the occasional bird of prey whistling overhead or the distinctive call of the grouse on the moorland edges.

Ladybower Fisheries - Nr. Bamford, Derbyshire, S33 0AX

Learn the art of fly fishing at one of the finest waters in the UK. Ladybower is set in the heart of breathtaking scenery of the Peak District near the villages of Hope and Hathersage.

You will learn the techniques for catching the Rainbows and Wild Brown Trout that frequent this water. You can even take a rainbow trout for your tea if you catch one!

Barlow Trout Fishery - Nr. Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 7TJ

The beautiful village of Barlow lies in a valley skirting the edge of the Peak District National park. The fishery has four beautiful trout lakes stocked with Rainbow and Brown Trout wildlife is abundant especially the grass snakes which are a common sight in the hotter months

Google reviews
"Thank you very much for such an enjoyable day yesterday. Catching a fish was a bonus" - Nick 2014
"Hi Dave Just to let you know I had my first days fishing yesterday on a local small water and what a great day I had, caught 8 and missed a further 3, all down to your great tuition, many thanks" - John 2014
"David, Thanks so much for today, I have learnt more today than all my other days" - Simon 2014
" Now I am back in the office I have the opportunity to belatedly thank you for my initial fly fishing experience last Saturday! I really enjoyed the day and your instruction, wise words and patience with a total beginner" - Nigel 2014
"Just to say thank you for a great day today. We were lucky with the weather and also managed to catch something. Thank you for all the advise and help with my questions. I now have confidence to go ahead and try a venue near my home. Once again thank you for a great day. " - Gordon 2014
"Thank you for very much for the wonderful introduction to fly fishing. I thoroughly enjoyed the casting in the River Derwent on Friday and could not have asked for a better location or glorious weather. Your instruction and patience were excellent and I will not hesitate in referring you to friends and visiting again myself before too long." - Paula 2013
"Just wanted to thank you once again for a wonderful day yesterday, your tuition, and all the information you shared with us.We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and we envy you your proximity to the river" - Ailsa 2013
"This is just a note to thank you for your excellent and very professional tuition on Monday but more than that. We got on well and I enjoyed your company. I shall be working hard at my casting (and striking, if I get the chance!)" - Robert 2013
"Just a few lines to say thank you for such a great day on Friday I had a wonderful experience and hopefully will be able to put into practise on a more regular basis the things you taught me." - Laurence 2013
"Many thanks for a brilliant time yesterday. I found the whole day exhilarating and it has really rekindled my interest in fly fishing." - Karl 2013


Standard Lessons (take place with 1 other angler)

Half day For 1 Person - £115 £98
Full day for 1 person - £175 £169

For more advanced anglers, 1-2-1 tuition is availble for an extra cost.


Half day for two people - £199 £179
Full day for two people - £299 £249

For larger groups please contact us for a price. Our prices include your fishing permit and all the tackle hire for the day including waders.

Bad fly casting is the main cause of tangles, wind knots and poor presentation. It is frustrating to say the least!

Fly casting lessons will enable you to cast properly, making your precious time on the water far more enjoyable and ultimately enable you to catch more fish.

We offer fly casting lessons in Derbyshire and The Peak District on either still water or our private stretch of river.

Common casts we cover on casting lessons

  • Over head cast
  • Roll cast
  • Jump Roll Cast
  • Snake Roll Cast
  • Slack line cast
  • Single haul cast
  • Double haul cast
  • Tuck cast
  • Line meding
  • Reach Cast

And many more!

Common casting mistakes

Probably the most important element in a fly fishing cast isn't the movement of the rod but how and where the rod stops. You could think of a fly fishing rod like a spring or catapult, it stores and releases energy.

When we teach people fly casting, we are trying to make the cast as efficient as possible and often this comes down to where the rod is stopping. Casting the overhead cast, often people take the rod too far back beyond on the up cast and then too far forward on the forward cast. This has the effect of creating a large open loop which has little speed and energy.

The wrist is often a common problem in fly casting as it can responsible for wayward stop positions but also it can create a jerky flick in the cast which can be responsible for a tailing loop. Tailing loops can often create small knots in you leader or cause tangles when delivering the fly line.

If you have been fly fishing for a while it's frustrating when your cast isn't presenting how you would like it to. During a casting lesson we can look at your cast and identify very quickly where the problem lies and then correct it. We often video your cast on the bank side and then go through each part of the action with you so you can see how your cast looks and where the issues are.

Another common issue is what we refer to as turnover. This is how the last few feet of your line lands on the water. A good fly cast will allow the end of the line and in turn the leader and the fly to land in a straight line on the water with the leader fully unfurled in a straight line. A common issue is although the caster is getting distance, the last few feet curls or lands slack. This can be a major issue as fish will rarely go near a fly that has been presented in such away. There are several common faults that can cause this but it often is related to where and how the rod is being stopped during the cast

A very common fault when learning fly casting is to over power the cast.The natural reaction when trying to cast is to use a throwing action to try and get the fly our across the water. Unfortunately, fly fishing rods do not respond well to this kind of action and a cast made in this way will run in to problems. It's a case of trying to let the rod do the casting work for you and allow the spring in the rod to load properly. When the casts finally click people often say they can feel the rod working and I often get people comparing a fly fishing cast to a golf swing with clients saying that the less effort they put in the further it goes. This is the sign of a cast working well!

Please feel free to get in touch with David on 01143 600 590 for more help and information.